What Is Bid Writing and How Does It Work?

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Are you interested in becoming a bid writer? Do you want clarity on the difference between bid writing, tender writing and proposal writing? The terminology and jargon can often confuse people new to the industry, causing them to get the wrong idea. You will get all the important information you need here to understand what bid writing really is.

The basics of bid writing

A bid writer’s job is to write a business proposal from their company to a client, to get major new or repeated business. The bid creation process involves many departments of a company, coordinated by the Bid Manager – for example technical, legal, financial, HR and senior management. The main purpose of a bid is to persuade the client, with strongly backed-up research, stats and figures. It will be evaluated against a set of criteria before the bid/transaction is accepted. Bids are different to tenders, even though the two terms are often used interchangeably. The term “tender” is usually for larger scale business deals and is referred to from the buyer’s perspective, whereas bidding is from the seller’s perspective.

Bid Management – the process of overseeing research gathering and strategic messages, which are delegated across many sectors of the bidding company. They must be excellent business relationship builders and able to win bid proposals within strict timeframes.

Tender Management – this involves monitoring the whole buyer securing process from start to completion: identifying business opportunities, responding to the tender (client) regarding the bid, negotiating contracts and monitoring the bid manager’s work.

Why employ a bid writer?

Some believe that bid writing is a bit of an underhand profession, as you are basically persuading businesses to part with their money and give it to someone else. However, this is a very narrow view that doesn’t do the job justice.

The reality is many companies rely on securing bids to stay in business. They also realise that securing the right bid is always high risk. Bid funding sources are limited, so these professionals must have credible, refined proposal writing skills that gives businesses confidence to accept the bid. Exceptional business relationship building and strategic planning must be used at all stages of the bidding process.