With a Celebrity Soccer Clinic, Castlewood Group Scores

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When the Castlewood Group, the commercial property developer made the decision to be a major sponsor of the Singapore 6’s Masters Football competition this year, they had one strategy in mind. They wanted to bring world-class soccer entertainment to Singapore as a thank you to the people of Singapore who have supported the company’s investment opportunity.

The Singaporean based company is the developer of the soon to be launched Nikki Beach Hotel & Spa and the Nikki Beach Club, both located in the number one destination of Phuket, Thailand. It is located in the heart of the creme de la creme of areas within Phuket, at Bang Tao, famous for breathtaking beaches, beautiful coral reefs, and on the doorstep of the most famous part of Phuket for the rich and famous, that being Laguna and Laguna Beach.

The Castlewood Group investment opportunity is being able to purchase a slice of the sensational new Nikki Beach Hotel & Spa in the form of buy to lease hotel rooms. The investors receive a choice to take either fixed (5% per annum) or variable returns, conservatively estimated at 18% per annum with an exit strategy already firmly in place for the year 2020. The great appeal is that an investor with as little as $35,000 can get involved, however once an investor sees close up the mechanics of the offering, they select far greater investment levels,

One of the most endearing features of dealing with the company is their insistence that investors visit the site in Phuket, a trip that is arranged at the expense
of Castlewood, to ensure that investors are totally comfortable with the project and the investment in general, prior to making the commitment. Indeed another refreshing change in the world of investment.

“Bringing the likes of Lee Sharpe and Robbie Fowler, as well as very recently retired greats such as Manchester United’s Louis Saha to play solely for the entertainment of Singaporean football fans is an honour for Castlewood Group” said a spokesperson of the company.

The pride that Castlewood Group took, was fully understandable as the National Indoor Stadium was a sea of very happy faces.

The Singaporean team was also sponsored by Castlewood Group, with the now well established logo of the property developer emblazoned across the chest of all the Singaporean team. The Lion City team sporting the double lion logo of Castlewood Group made the overall show that bit greater.

Without question, the greatest point in the day’s event was when the Singaporean team snatched victory over none other than world legend soccer club Manchester United – that was truly the biggest feather in the cap for every Singaporean on the day.

Where Castlewood went the extra 1.61km was in the provision of a soccer clinic the previous day, where youngsters were starstruck as legends took to the field to play with them at the Turf Club football pitches.

Seeing your soccer heroes playing is great but playing with them and against them is something on a whole new level. The youngsters seemed to turn on the extra talent, perhaps hoping that these legends might be undercover scouts for their great clubs back home!

The parents of the children were seen to be beaming proudly, and were pouring out their gratitude to the Castlewood Group team for making such a memorable day for their children.

The company also arranged for promotional goodies for each and every participant, the most popular piece being the white double lion logo cap which without exception were by the end of the day adorned with the autographs of the soccer legends as they took time at the end of the event for a meet and greet session with the kids and the parents. The crowd of parents and offspring were like a crazed paparazzi mob as they immortalized the event with a myriad of photos taken with smartphones and cameras, all snapping at a rate of knots to no doubt update the Facebook pages and Instagram accounts of every attendee.