How to Deal with Unusual Delivery Tasks

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The vast majority of the delivery work you handle is probably quite run of the mill stuff. Boxes of all sizes, orders from internet companies and various other assorted but quite normal items that need to be transported from A to B.

However, on occasion you may be asked to transport something more unusual. The question is this: would you be able to do it?

Ask questions

The more questions you ask before saying yes or no, the easier it will be to say one or the other confidently. If you turn down delivery work you can be sure a rival company will gladly take it on. Furthermore, if you turn it down because you weren’t sure whether you could handle the job or not, it could simply be for a lack of questioning. The more information you can get about the nature of the job, the easier it will be to decide whether or not your company is the one to do it or not.

Get accurate sizes

Unusual delivery work like this doesn’t always mean transporting large items from A to B. However, size is important and in this case you need to know in advance how big the item or items will be.

Shape is another problem. Weight and size may not be a big issue, but what if you’re asked to transport a 3D star shaped object that will be part of the festive decorations at the local shopping centre? Something like this could actually be quite light, but you’d still need to make sure you could get the item into the back of a van and securely strapped down. If not, you’d need a plan B – another way of transporting it to where it needs to be.

Consider whether you could safely and easily transport the items concerned

Note the two main words there – safely and easily. The first is more of a challenge of course – not all jobs are easy but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tackle them if you want to take on lots of different cargo from different people.

You can see why the need for lots of information as mentioned above is so important. The more you know the easier it is to make sure you can find the safest solution at all times. Thinking ahead like this also makes for a smoother pick-up and delivery when the time comes. You can make sure you have everything you need and that the driver knows what to expect. Very often delivery work that proves to be more of a challenge is only like this because of inadequate preparation.

If you focus on the areas covered above you should be in a position to gauge whether or not you can manage a particular job. You might be surprised at the answer.