The Lightyear Wireless Affiliate Program: An Overview

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People tend to have a lot of questions about the Lightyear Wireless Affiliate Program. The confusion usually comes from the fact that there are 3 different levels that you can join at. With a price range from $49 to $499, it is important to understand the difference in the options. Let’s look at them below.

The Manager level is the lowest cost option in Lightyear Wireless’s Affiliate Program. The cost is $49, plus there is a $25 activation fee for your business center, bringing your total cost to $74. For that you receive the following.

– Your first month of your online store, which usually costs $49

– Various websites that you can use to market the products and services, along with the business opportunity.

– Online Training

– A Lightyear Wireless Email

– Manager level commissions

The next level in the Lightyear Wireless Affiliate Program is the Senior Manager level (SM), which costs $299 plus a $25 activation fee, totaling $324. With this program you receive everything that you receive with the manager level plus the following.

– 5 “Free First Month” vouchers

– SM commissions, which are higher than the manager level commissions. This is the option that I see recommended the most. The big selling point is the combination of the cost, which is very reasonably, and the vouchers, which are a powerful tool for signing up customers.

The final option to join Lightyear Wireless is the Regional Manager level (RM). This is the most expensive option, costing $499 plus a $25 activation fee, bringing the total cost to $524. This is by far the most expensive option. With it, you receive everything that you do with the other two levels, however they give you 10 “Free First Month” vouchers, and you are now earning RM commissions, which are higher than both of the previous levels.

One very important thing that I think people should be aware of is that you can start at the Manager Level and work your way up. You do not need to buy your way into the senior or regional manager levels. Also, there are more levels that you can reach, but you need to earn them, not buy into them.

There are 3 main ways that you earn money as an affiliate. They are by signing up customers, keeping customers, and signing up fellow affiliates. You receive a 1 time bonus when you first sign up a customer, followed by residual commission checks every month that they pay their bill. Your new affiliate bonus fluctuates based on what level you are and what level the person joins at.

The only qualifying standards for becoming a Lightyear Wireless Affiliate are that you are 18 or older.