Learning To Be A Relaxed Entrepreneur: Creating Your Zen

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Being a small business owner should be an exciting and enthralling responsibility. Frequently though, it is a major source of stress instead. Because of this, many entrepreneurs quickly become burnt out on business ownership – a mindset which can rapidly be the downfall of even the most promising companies. One skill that savvy business owners possess is the ability to create a Zen-like environment at their office by removing the major causes of workplace stress and replacing them with more fulfilling activities.

Identify Your Stress Causers

For an entrepreneur, there are many factors of the business which are prone to causing stress. More often than not, however, many of the most stressful situations we face are completely unnecessary or immaterial to our overall success.

Eliminating these over-emphasized stress causers can create a much more present working environment which will in turn increase your overall happiness. Sit down and create a list of all of the things in your business that cause you a significant amount of stress. Items on the list could include:

• Particularly troublesome clients
• Debt obligations
• Repetitive daily operational tasks which engulf your time
• Unproductive employees

Try to think as widely as possible, and square in on all of the aspects of your business that cause you stress on a daily basis. It is highly likely that you will find out that most of the major frustration in your business life is from things that are within your control to change. Even stress from items which are largely out of your control such as debt obligations can be greatly reduced through proper planning and implementation ahead of time. Too often, we endure stress on a daily basis because it is simply easier than taking the initiative and accepting needed change.

Delegate Less Important Responsibilities To Qualified Employees

Many business owners, when asked, respond that the biggest limitation they face in the growth of their business is time. When faced with daily obligations that limit your time to be the strategic figurehead of your company, it is not unusual for stress to follow. Another aspect of change that many people have problems with is letting go of tasks which are, simply speaking, not worth their time. We’ve all heard that “if you want to do something right, you’ve got to do it yourself”, but in most circumstances that is far from true.

As an entrepreneur, you should be focusing your time on the activities that are going to maximize your company’s success. For small companies, this is an even harder concept to grasp. Do you spend an hour each morning double checking your team’s work because you want to ensure everything is right? While these are understandable concerns, it’s time consuming to go over every detail. By thoroughly communicating the tasks initially then asking for brief updates, you will be able to free up your very limited time to focus on more important aspects of your company.

You may think that stress is part of being the boss and that removing the major stress causers in your day-to-day operations is much easier said than done, but most commonly that is just the result of an improperly focused mindset. As an entrepreneur, you are in control of your business – not the other way around. Too many times, we put an over-inflated level of importance on our daily tasks and responsibilities and refuse to accept the fact that our time can be much more wisely used in other aspects of our businesses.