Why Catering Is Great for Events

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Why is organising catering great for your social events? Below is a list of the top four reasons why spending a little extra and getting professional caterers in could make all the difference between an okay event and a fantastic event.

Be a guest at your own party

Firstly and most importantly you want to attend your own get together. You have put so much work in to organising this event that you really do deserve to be a guest at the event. Let yourself be pampered and lavished with food and drink rather than running backwards and forwards from the kitchen, showing people where the toilets are, trying not to burn the food while you get stuck talking, serving drinks, collecting rubbish and much, much more. A professional caterer will be able to take care of all of these things for you as part of their catering service. All you have to do is put on your best party clothes and be wonderful.

Quality Food

Disclaimer* I am in no way trying to discredit your efforts in the kitchen! However, professional chefs like me have been around food for most of their lives. In a professional capacity, eight to fifteen hours per day, five to six days per week, for more years than I care to remember. It is this experience that you will pay for. It is knowing if an ingredient doesn’t look quite right, knowing how to problem solve at the speed of light, it is knowing which flavours to put together for your specific menu and so much more. A professional catering company will WOW your guests with your menu selections. A professional catering company will endeavour to use all of the years of experience to make the food component of the catering as good as it can possible be.

Quality Service

Quality service staff are worth their weight in gold. I used to know a boardroom butler who could remember twelve or fifteen guests’ names after being introduced to them only once, and remember them throughout the entire event. This type of quality service is an incredibly important part of your catering. Quality food service staff will clean up, serve food, answer guests’ questions, deal with and problems so you don’t have to while taking care of your guests and you. Drinks service staff will serve your guests upon arrival, clean away drink related rubbish, keep your guests drinks topped up, have Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate in case of any problems and responsibly serve your guests and you with all of your drinks needs.

Cleaning and Garbage Removal

A good professional caterer will leave your venue as clean as they found it. A catering company will provide all of the service equipment if needed and take it away at the end of the function. Good catering staff will stack and clean all of the equipment not still in use by the time they leave. A caterer will take all of the dirty equipment away with them and put all of the garbage in a good quality garbage bag and dispose of it. The catering staff will wipe and sanitise the kitchen and/or bar areas of your venue leaving it as good as, or better than they found it.

As a potential client organising an event you have to ask yourself these questions; do I want to be a guest at my own party? Do I want to serve food and drinks to everybody else all night? Do I want to clean up everyone else’s mess that night or the next morning?

A catering company can do all of the aforementioned things and more. This is why catering is great for events.