Too Many Pizza Options?

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When you are trying to decide what to eat on a random Tuesday or Friday night, where do you start looking? What are the go to places that you know will provide you with consistency in quality of ingredients, preparation, and flavor? Frankly, it is extremely difficult to mess up pizza. This is why it remains one of the most craved, purchased and consumed foods on the planet. If you know what it is, you’ve had it and if you’ve had it once, you want it again. So when you find yourself experiencing an evening of hunger but you don’t know what to eat, remember that there are too many pizza options for you to ever get bored.

When it comes to dinner time, whether you are dining as one or twenty, a filling and savory meal is the objective. You want your servings of whole grains, of protein, of vegetables, and hopefully some dairy – depending upon the type of pie and its construction. On one hand, you can create a balance in order to get in as many nutrients as possible. On the other hand, it doesn’t have to be the most balanced meal of your day; you can be a meat lover, a veggie supreme, or a plain cheese. These aren’t the only options though. Pizza is a chameleon food whose dough composition, toppings and overall construction (shape) lend it to easily accepting the flavorings of so many other foods. These other foods that have been amplified by the construction of pizza include: fajita fillings, macaroni and cheese, barbeque poultry or meat, and even salad components can be toppings too. Or, the dough can be folded to create a pocket for so many more options.

It can be filled with regular savory fillings including cheese, meats, and tomato sauce; breakfast items such as eggs in an omelet, sunny side up, or scrabbled form including ham, bacon, or breakfast sausage. You can also use the fruits, vegetables, proteins, seasonings and sauces that are commonly found in Italian, Greek, Chinese, and Latin cuisines in order to produce a different presentation and flavor. It can mimic a fajita, falafel, or taco. There are no limitations on this type of food, so don’t limit your tastes.

Some people may say that once it crosses into different flavors than a tomato, pesto, or alfredo sauce than it is no longer the savory pie you can recognize. Some may even say that if it is not a square, circle or folded half-moon calzone than it cannot even come close to the identification any more. But, the name only has to do with the type of food, it is not a restrictive indictment on the type of ingredients that can be used to prepare it or the utensils used to eat it. Now, do you have enough options for your ordered, frozen, or home made pizza dinner tonight?