The Importance of Pizza Crust

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Pizza crust is more than just bread. Yes, you or a restaurant cook/chef creates the delicious balance of toppings on it, but there is something to be said about the combination of ingredients that make the dough a valuable taste component of the pizza experience. First of all, there is a significant difference between sandwich bread, biscuits, cake, and a variety of dough compositions for a variety of confections and savory pies.

If you’ve never tried to make a crust on your own, you’ve at least thought about what the basic process must be like for your favorite restaurant. There are slightly varying ways to make bread and dough depending upon the consistency and taste that you are trying to achieve. The most simple pizza dough recipes, as you know, consist of six basic steps. First, you gather all of the basic ingredients of flour, water, yeast, salt, etc. Second, you will prepare the yeast for addition to your mixture. Third, you mix or sift your dry ingredients before you get your fingers into the mix. Lastly, you mix the dough, knead the dough, let it rest, roll it on a flour dusted surface, and transfer to a baking sheet. Then you place your toppings so they can cook evenly, bake and enjoy, right?

Then again you can place pizza on a variety of bread-like surfaces or inside of their pockets. They are literally called flat bread, pitas, and focaccia are great options too. The consistency of the dough adds to the experience too. So, are you a thick crust or thin crust person? To some pizza lovers, the answer makes all the difference in the world. The thin crusts give you that snap and crunch from the first bite to the last. The thick crusts offer that chewy, flavor compliment. Depending upon if it has been modified with seasonings and cheese, it can definitely add another flavor profile, not just the chew. It is more filling as well. So the choice between thick or thin crust is really about the experience you want to have with each bite.

Although there have been similar flavored snack items on the market for at least twenty years now, there is nothing like the layering of cooked dough with your favorite cooked sauce, cooked veggies, and melted cheese. The foundation is an essential part of the pizza experience; otherwise, it’s called having warm antipasti in the palm of your hand.