Thinking About a Pizza Diet

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If thousands of people can go on a sandwich, soup or even a yogurt diet then I can go on a pizza diet right? Well, the objective with any of those diets is to go about it in the healthiest way. So, if you’re thinking about a diet by the slice regime then you’ve come to the right place for ideas on how to cut the calories, the salt, the carbohydrates, and the fat while still enjoying every savory or sweet slice.

First, you have to really look into healthy substitutions that you believe that you can enjoy for the next two weeks or month, depending upon how long you’d like to try this.

Second, you have to stock your home with the best ingredients to make sure that you don’t waver. This could be a viable option for people who are pizza obsessed and want to lose a few pounds.

You understand that you are going to have to make substitutions when it comes to the cheese and other components. However, you can also make dough and sauce changes that will help to lower the caloric intake while keeping it hearty and satisfying at the same time. So, starting with the dough, you can use soy flour for your dough, blue or yellow corn dough, or a whole grain bread to ensure that serving as well.

Next is your sauce option. Frankly, a tomato based product is your best bet for keeping the calories low and boasting your vegetable servings with each slice. The next component is the cheese. With this step you can use veggie cheese, soy cheese, or at least a low fat option to make a concession there. Lastly, your toppings can include vegetables, fruits, tofu, soy based meat substitute products, refried beans as your protein substitutes as well.

A key component of any dietary changes, especially when it comes to creating alterations to your favorite foods is to maintain its well rounded meal status. You can do this by ensuring that you keep all of the whole grains, the servings of vegetables (and/or fruit), and dairy depending upon your dietary constraints. The last step to a pizza diet is to stay aware of portion control, even when you’ve made it an even healthier food. So as long as you stick with the substitutions and restrictions, along with many other healthy lifestyle changes, you can be well on your way to losing those few stubborn pounds.