How Do You Like Your Pizza?

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As you think about what you would like to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner, have you thought about all of your options? If you are like thousands of Americans, you will choose a food that is cheesy, has just the right amount of tomato sauce and can be topped with any topping you like. Pizza is one of America’s favorite foods.

What is it about this food that causes everyone to forsake eating anything else? It’s nothing but some dough loaded with tomato sauce and cheese. Plus it has just the right combination of toppings to satisfy any craving. Since the inception of this dish into American culture, it has been a widely loved and acceptable entree.

As you may have heard, you are whatever you eat and your pizza is no exception to the fact. According to numerous research studies, the kind of pizza you eat and prefer can really say a lot about your personality. Now of course, it is not true for every single person, however the numbers do not lie and present a very compelling picture of how true it is. Below is a basic guide to help you learn a bit more about your topping preference.

If you are into cheese pizza, then you are a person who is very particular about what you eat. You don’t like to deviate too much from what you like and have a tendency to be stubborn.

For the pepperoni lovers, you love just the cheese topping, however you add the pepperoni to keep it from getting too boring. Pepperoni adds just enough variety to your food and you tend to be a bit more traditional when it comes to trying new things.

Now, if you are a supreme topping lover, you love to experiment and try everything. You are considered a daredevil and love the way numerous toppings taste.

Hawaiian style lovers are those individuals who are looking for some excitement but are either still considering how to increase it in their lives or they are individuals who are slowly learning how to take chances and go out on a limb.

Now, for all of the specialty topping lovers, you are a mix between the supreme and cheese topping lover. With a preference for supreme toppings, you love to experiment and take chances. You have just enough respect and love for certain types of challenges and toppings that you prefer to control the exact parameters so that there are no surprises.

If you want to start a new trend, just add something that you don’t mind having as a topping. Some people have popcorn and even gummy bears. There are millions of foods that you can use.

No matter what kind of pizza you like, your personality shines through with your choice of toppings. These guidelines very basic as to what research have found over the years. Since there are hundreds more toppings, there are hundreds more personality types that need to be evaluated and taken into consideration.