What Foods Have Gluten?

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If you have wheat allergy, celiac disease or gluten intolerance, foods that have gluten are the foods you should avoid at all times. Gluten is contained in many foods and some alcohols and therefore it is very essential to check the labels of any food product to confirm if it has gluten or not. Therefore, in case you have been prescribed to avoid foods with gluten, then we are going to give you a list of what foods have gluten so that you avoid them by all means.

List of some foods that have gluten

Basically, gluten is a protein and is mostly contained in grains and preservatives. Some of the foods with gluten include: wheat, barley, farina, biscuits, bread, rye, rolls, cakes, pan cakes, pizza, cereals, doughnuts, spaghetti, fettuccine, couscous, ice cream, wheatgrass, wheat germ, stuffing, muffins, beer, hot dogs, puddings, sausages, pies, cookies, seafood, custard, syrups, soups, cold nuts, salami, breaded fish, gravy, breaded meat, spelt, bran, flour, scones, bagels, snack chips, hamburger buns, donuts, dumplings, pastries, waffles, etc. it is rather obvious that the list of foods containing gluten is endless.

Definitely you must be shocked at the amount of the foods containing gluten. There is a high possibility that at least every day you consume food(s) with gluten. Hence it is very important to check the food labels to see if they contain gluten or not. Especially if you are a celiac disease victim, because you will be adversely affected if you consume these types of foods.

Looking at the foods with gluten, the following are the broad classifications of foods likely to contain gluten. Grains and cereals, processed meat (poultry), sea foods, baked foods, beverages, desserts, oats, processed foods, condiments, alcohols, etc. the major ingredients of foods with gluten are flour, yeast, liquid, salt and additives.

In the process of a person suffering from celiac disease fighting gluten from the body, several symptoms will be exhibited. Some of them include: fatigue, diarrhoea, constipation, abdominal pain, bloating, anaemia, tooth decays, abrupt weight loss, retarded growth in children, joint pains, etc.

How to avoid gluten

Gluten is a protein that people having a gluten allergy or celiac disease cannot digest it thus causes health disorders. That is why it is very important to know which foods have gluten. As a general rule of thumb, the best way to identify foods with no gluten is by checking the labels on them. Ensure that the foods are labeled ‘gluten-free’. Mostly, non-processed foods may not contain gluten though it is not a guarantee; some of them do contain it. Also, avoid food additives including colorings, flavorings, preservatives etc. there is also a high possibility that processed foods contain gluten.

While some foods with gluten are easy to spot, others require that you read the manufacturer’s labels. Remember that gluten can cause many problems if you are allergic to it and therefore it is very important to avoid gluten, for your health. The main reason gluten can turn out to be very dangerous, is when it is consumed in large quantities. But for the celiac disease sufferers, we recommend that foods with gluten should be completely avoided, at all costs.