Health Benefits of Essential Oils!

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Essential oils, aromatherapy, and herbal remedies have been in use for millennia. The talk in medical science is always about studying the effects of medications with multiple ongoing long term blind studies to prove efficacy. What better study is there than the evidence of thousands of years of use?

Find below some of the most common uses, remedies and health benefits of essential oils.


Besides freshening your breath peppermint also helps to combat nausea and other stomach issues. It can help stop itching and relax overworked muscles. Put a few drops in a bowl of hot water to help fight congestion as you breathe in the vapour. As a natural alternative to vapoRub it can help fight headaches and sore throats. Plus, it can also help you focus.


Lavender is one of the few essential oils safe enough to use undiluted. It’s simply great at fighting bacteria as a natural anti-bacterial rub on sores or cuts. Its aromatherapy uses include calming anxiety, easing headaches and aiding digestion. Make sure you keep this oil around at all times.


Basil is one of the best natural oils for helping fight mental and physical fatigue. As its rich in beta-carotene it is also a healthy heart fighting oil providing powerful anti-oxidants, improving blood flow and cardiovascular health. You can treat your dry skin, acne or psoriasis with basil and be amazed at its effects.


As in the floral world, this oil is known as a great aid to women. Its aromatherapy effects help improve hormonal balance, treat PMS and menopause, help aid in issues in the bedroom and increase the health of your skin.


Neem is amazing oil with hundreds of uses. It can be used as an anti-bacterial, viral, septic, diabetic, and fungal fighter. Plus, it is also used as purifier of blood and has spermicidal benefits. It also greatly reduces flatulence and removes catarrhal matter and phlegm from bronchial tubes.


Clove is used as the main ingredients in Tiger Balm, which is used on sore muscles. It is also used in many dental issues for sore gums, tooth pain, fighting bad breath (albeit with clove breath). Other benefits include clearing up earaches, digestion issues, stomach and headaches and nasal congestion. Lastly it’s an aphrodisiac and therefore a stress reliever.


Also known as orange blossom oil it is considered super oil for skin maladies as it is great for any type of skin from young to old and dry to oily. This oil as aromatherapy is also known to treat depression by helping lift moods and increasing energy levels. It also treats kidney, prostrate, urinary and colon infections.

The few oil mentions above are but a tip of the iceberg. There are literally hundreds of oils with thousands of health benefits. Health benefits of essential oils are proven through thousands of years of use and the fact that many of their plants are used in commercial medicine prove their worth. Would you rather not have a natural product?