Precautions for a Safe Physical Relationship With Your Partner

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There is perhaps no barrier when it comes to fulfilling your physiological needs. But one thing you can never compromise on is the health aspect, whether it concerns your partner or you.

Anytime, anywhere, anyway may not be the right kind of approach to getting or giving pleasure. It might be momentary if we can say so but the consequences of a negligent attitude towards safe physical relationships can be nothing short of a disaster.

Not only, the first-timers or the teenagers but also adults can sometimes commit this mistake. Enjoying the intimate company of your partner provides good results only if there is a guarantee of safety and mutual understanding. On the other hand, unprotected relationships can result in undesirable pregnancies or infections anywhere in the reproductive system.

So, how do you ensure that the moments you spend with your partner for physical pleasure are safe and protected? Come, let us examine the various precautions you can take to achieve this goal.

i. Condoms

There are various types of condoms available in the market for use by men and women. Do some research and buy one that suits your needs.

ii. Non-penetrative pleasure

You can talk to your partner about the alternatives for safe and non-penetrative kind of relationship. Here, instead of engaging in intercourse, you would be opting for outercourse. In other words, there is no danger of the exchange or mixing of the bodily fluids that are commonly known to be carriers of infections.

iii. Oral or anal relationships

With a little bit of preparation and protection, you can make sure that you derive maximum pleasure while also attending to your partner’s needs well. The outer or non-invasive forms of relationships are reliable and safe.

iv. Toys for the fulfillment of physical needs

In case you are single yet want to experience physiological gratification, you can choose a suitable toy to give you the feeling of a partner beside you.

v. Immunization methods

There are some vaccines you can take to prevent infections or any serious ailments when you engage in a physical intercourse.

vi. Monogamy

This is one of the best precautions you can adopt to stay away from infections. Sticking with a permanent partner for pleasure minimizes the risks when compared to switching on to new mates every now and then.

vii. Using medical gloves while indulging in masturbation

Take care to use sterilized gloves even while masturbating to prevent the entry of infection-causing pathogens into your system.

The worst thing about these infections is that they seldom show any alarming symptoms in the initial stages. So, never take a chance with your health; you cannot play spoilsport with your partner’s health too!

To detect the existence of any kind of STD in your body, it is necessary to undergo an STD test regularly. You can take an STD home test often by using a customized kit readily available in the market.