How To Keep Your Younger Face Longer

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Every day there are hundreds of people searching on line for miracle cures and remedies on keeping their younger faces for longer. Unfortunately everyone has to grow older, but there are many ways in which one can slow down the ageing process.

Sun Damage

This is the leading cause of premature ageing. In fact if you never had to go into the sun for as long as you lived, by ninety you would probably have no wrinkles. Unfortunately we do need the sun for vitamin D, but never go outdoors without a good sunblock.

The more time you spent in the sun when you were younger, the older you will look today. The reason for this is that sun damage usually takes place in the deeper layers of the skin and will take years to surface. When this damage does surface it is in the form of freckles, moles, age spots, dry skin and wrinkles.

So the best way to combat sun damage and keep the skin looking better for longer is to start using sun protection from an early age, every day and not to fall victim to the tanning fad.

Skin Care

A good skin care routine goes a long way to keeping your skin fresh and young. Every day you should be cleansing, toning and moisturising both morning and evening. Make it a rule to never go to bed with a dirty face or makeup clogging your pores. A good mask once or twice a week can also work wonders.

Make sure to use products that compliment your skin and age. For instance if you are a teenager with acne, then don’t go using products designed for dry skin, as they will just make your skin oilier and make the problem worse. Similarly, adapt your skin care as you get older and you may have to spend a little more on products with anti-ageing ingredients in them.

Diet and Exercise

People who eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly will always look good, no matter how old they get. Did you know that sugar is a huge cause of wrinkles? It breaks down the collagen in your skin thus causing more wrinkles, so try and cut down on this substance.

There is no substitute for moderate exercise and eating loads of natural and raw foods like fruit and vegetables.

Smile More and Frown Less for a Younger Looking Face

As we get older our expressions become etched in our faces, so if you spend most of your life with a cross face, can you imagine what you will look like all the time by the time you are fifty. A person who is happy and smiles a lot will develop lines in the right places, which will give the face an appealing and friendly look as you get older.

These steps above are just a few thing of the easier things you can do to keep yourself looking healthy and good and learning the art of growing old gracefully.