Go Green, Go Healthy!

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You are super busy. You work for maybe fourteen to eighteen hours a day, have back to back meetings, have a hectic social life, parties, get-together, etc. but even with that we are sure you catch up with at least five to six hours of sleep each day. This makes it at least thirty hours in a week. Now have you ever thought about how you spend these sleeping hours? How good or how bad they are? How harmful or harmless they are? If you have not, then think about it. Simply catching up on the number of hours of sleep is not enough. You need to understand your body even when you are sleeping.

Most of the beds that we have in our homes are made of artificial petroleum products that are extremely toxic. They are substances like polyester, polyurethane, fire retardants, anti-microbial chemicals that release toxic fumes that we inhale while we are sleeping unsuspectingly, completely unaware of what we are taking in. All the components used to make bedding is chemically treated for various reasons. There is use of pesticides, fire retardants, stabilizers, bleaches, etc. This is especially harmful in case of children as the body absorbs these toxic fumes because the body is exposed to these for long hours. They develop allergies, respiratory problems, etc. at an early age. By opting for organic bedding we can control some of the hazards threatening our kids.

In order to avoid these potential dangers, it is important that we go ‘green’ in our practices. By doing so we can ensure good health for ourselves and our families. Mattresses made from organic cotton and natural latex, will not only give us good sleep but ensure that we sleep healthily. Our bodies are safe with organic bedding. They prevent allergies and breathing disorders. Cotton sheets made from organic cotton are also a part of organic bedding. We often opt for wrinkle free and stain free fabrics, but what we fail to see is that these are exposed to harmful chemicals for them to be wrinkle and stain free.

The effect of toxic chemicals absorbed by our body is cumulative and can be felt only after several years. There is no immediate fallout of artificial bedding and most of the effects are unpredictable. You never know, what will affect you and why. Hence most people fail to realize the hazards of such bedding. Organic bedding will free you from every worry. Organic mattresses regulate body temperature as organic cotton and wool absorb sweat. This will give you a comfortable sleep. Such mattresses are also resistant to molds, bacteria and dust mites.

Though we are talking of organic bedding, we should in fact opt for organic fabric wherever possible. You should use organic towels, clothes, curtains, etc. By incorporating ‘green’ practices in your lifestyle you will keep your house free from pollutants and will promote good and healthy living for you and your family. You can start by replacing your existing liner with organic ones in a phased manner because organic fabric is much costlier than other fabrics and changing everything all at once, may burn holes in your pocket!