Are You Coachable – How Transtheoretical Model Can Help You?

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The most valuable lesson that we should always remember in our life is the importance of being coachable. So what exactly is being coachable? Well, it just means; you are saying that you are not perfect at something, but you are open to learn and make improvements. While many people will debate that it will effectively suppress their confidence if they think this way, but the truth is; this type of mentality will help you to keep evolving and keep polishing your skills by learning newer things. There is a fine line between thinking that you are not proficient in something and thinking that you are already skilled, but you are open to make improvements. The hardest fact is; once someone starts thinking that he has become perfect in something, his growth and progress comes to a standstill, and he ceases to make any improvement; that’s the human nature and nothing can be done about that. The basic difference between the average performers and the top performer is that top performers never rest on their laurels, but they constantly strive to learn newer thing, seek advice even from their juniors and then incorporate these things in their life.

So, now you have the perfect way to make lifelong improvements in every aspect of your life; just learn newer things and incorporate these into your lifestyle. Easier said than done, right? The fact is, when it comes to actually implementing these things, it needs something more than just your will power. When we talk about incorporating newer things in our life, we are actually talking about making changes at our psychological levels. Making these changes actually means changing our behavior, which is obviously not the easiest task in the world. However, there are proven techniques that can successfully accomplish the purpose for you. One of these proven-to-work techniques is “Transtheoretical Model of health behavior change”.

Transtheoretical is a breakthrough Model of health behavior change. Transtheoretical Model stresses on the fact that in order to make a behavioral change, you have to undergo five stages of change. The five stages are;

1. Pre-contemplation
2. contemplation
3. Preparation
4. Action
5. Maintenance

The first step towards making a change in your behavior is Pre-contemplation stage. Here, the person is completely oblivious to the new behavior and doesn’t put any effort to adopt the new behavior. The next stage is contemplation stage whereby the person decides to make a specific behavioral change and is willing to adopt the change in his behavior but still he doesn’t put any actual efforts in adopting the behavioral change. The third stage is the preparation where the person gathers all the knowledge to prepare for the adoption of the new behavioral changes. In the fourth stage, called the action stage; the person puts everything to practice and starts enacting the newly acquired behavior. This practice of enacting the new behavior helps anyone to change the mind patterns to adopt the new behavioral changes. This stage is normally recommended for 6 months. The last stage is the maintenance, whereby the person puts efforts to maintain the newly acquired behavior.

In order to succeed in your life, whether personal or professional, you have to be coachable, and you should keep learning new things. The next step is to implement these things in your life, and the Transtheoretical Model of health behavior change is the best method to accomplish this.