The Top Three Things To Avoid When Selecting A Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment

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On a daily basis men and women like yourself go online in search of an over the counter medication to deal with their restless leg syndrome and enable them to get to sleep.

What you might not realize is that the danger of selecting the inappropriate drug will not only waste your time and money. It can literally make your issues more severe.

Some pills, which look like completely safe selections can damage your body’s capacity to heal itself and make your symptoms worse, even long after you have ceased taking the medication. Within this short article we’ll investigate the top three blunders you’ll really want to avoid when choosing an over the counter medication for your legs.

Ointments, Creams, and Rubs

To begin with, any over the counter cream, rub or ointment that claims to relieve your twitches by topical treatment to the legs without affecting what is taking place in your brain and central nervous system is likely little to no use. The explanation for this is that RLS is a neurological disorder. Current study links the condition, among other things, to abnormally low levels of a chemical called dopamine in the brain. In other words, the twitching, uncomfortable feeling, or restlessness, doesn’t commence in your legs, but instead your brain.

Conventional Sleep Pills

The second thing you need to be aware of is that traditional sleeping pills will be useless in treating your restless legs, and will in fact make your symptoms worse. The reason for this is that traditional sleep medications and barbiturates place your body into an abnormal sleep state. Have you ever woke up after taking sleeping pills with a groggy or ‘dazed ‘ feeling?

Well, ingested over time, conventional sleep meds will reduce your system’s natural ability to recover, refresh, and treat itself. It’s like subjecting your body to prolonged sleep deprival torture. As your body gets increasingly more fatigued your symptoms during waking periods will increase. Furthermore, the medications will reduce your body’s capacity to make dopamine in your brain, which will help make your symptoms worse in time.

Calcium in OTC Sleep Aids

And finally, some magnesium-based retail sleep meds include calcium. While there is nothing wrong with calcium for most people, obviously, it has been demonstrated to block the absorption of iron that occurs normally in your diet.

This is essential because many patients of restless leg syndrome have been able to reduce the regularity and strength of their symptoms just by regulating the amounts of iron in their blood. Low levels of iron in the blood, disrupt the brain’s ability to produce dopamine and may make symptoms worse.

In Summary

Since you know the three most typical things to avoid when choosing an over the counter medication, you’ll avoid a lot of the pain and frustration experienced by many patients as they search for a reliable option for their restless leg syndrome treatment.

You’ll have the ability to opt for a natural,fast, safe, and effective over the counter restless leg remedy that won’t disappoint you with false promises, or hinder your system’s ability to heal itself naturally.