Considerations When Donating Eggs

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Egg donation is already a familiar concept to many. A lot of women have been able to donate eggs in order for them to earn extra cash while helping other people.

There are conservative sectors which frown upon the process, but this has already helped a lot of people around the world. Egg donation has its own set of advantages and disadvantages and it helps to understand things deeper before making an opinion about it or trying it out.

For both the donor and the recipient, you will have to make a t of considerations and weigh different pros and cons before you will be ready to go through the entire process. To avoid regretting or encountering a lot of problems in the process, you need to prepare for it.

So what’s egg donation all about? The following are some important facts you should be aware of:

What’s egg donation?

The process of egg donation involves a woman donating her egg cells to another who can’t bear a child. This usually happens in fertility clinics and the donors are usually given compensation for it.

But there are also underlying consequences. So if you’re considering it as an option, you have to think long and hard first.

What’s the process?

Both the childless couple and the egg donor need to pay a visit to the fertility clinic. The donors would have to undergo some screening procedures before they can actually qualify as donors. Meanwhile, the prospective recipients also have to do some paper works and make the necessary payments.

Once both parties qualify, they will have to undergo various preparations. This usually includes hormone therapy and maintaining the health of both the donor and the wife. Then when everything is done, they will start the actual extraction. It’s a minor operation and the donor can recover in just a few hours. By the following day the donor may already start going back to her usual routine.

What are the benefits of egg donations?

The party that benefits the most is the recipient. But the donor also gets her share of advantages. Egg donors also get compensated for all that they had to go through. In addition to that, they also get to feel good about being able to help others.

Are there any downsides?

It’s not as easy as you think in egg donation. You might experience different side effects from all the hormones and processes you will undergo. Some of which include dizziness, nausea or sometimes migraine. This is the reason why one has to be prepared before going through the procedure.