How to Prevent Infections and Illnesses Resulting From Unprotected Sex?

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Considered a taboo in some societies and embarrassment for many people till a few years ago, today, the topic of prevention of illnesses and infections caused by unprotected sex has taken the center stage due to obvious reasons.

More than exhibiting shyness or inhibition, the need of the hour is to educate people, especially the young people that are mostly first-timers, about the importance of practicing safe sex. Awareness about the ill-effects of unprotected sex has to be created in their minds. The statistics of the number of people succumbing to sex-related infections and illnesses are nothing less than alarming and disturbing.

So, how do you achieve the goal of protected and safe sex practices? What are the steps you need to follow to maintain a blemish-free and refreshing sexual health profile? Read on and gain a reasonable insight about these queries here.

i. To begin with, understand what safe sex really means and how it can be achieved through various tested and proven methods.

ii. Gather as much information as possible about condoms and the correct methods of using them. There are unique brands and models of condoms for men and women. Choose one that suits your needs and sexual relationship goals.

iii. Whether you are a first-timer or a regular participant in the sex game, you should never take things for granted. For example, an incorrect position of a condom can lead to a leakage of body fluids, and sperms might enter the vagina, and conception can occur.

iv. Setting up achievable goals every time you indulge in sex is also a good method to focus on one thing at a time. Talk to your partner and chalk out a mutually acceptable formula for enjoying sex.

v. Make sure you adhere to all of the prescribed precautions before even starting the foreplay. Once you get horny, you will not be in a good position to check or recheck.

vi. Never go overboard while practicing sex. For example, it is not a good idea to wear two condoms in the place of one. They may rub against each other and ultimately lead to total disaster.

vii. Consider using birth-control measures and condoms together for multi-pronged safety and protection. Each of them has its own predefined purpose.

viii. Vaccination options are also popular among sexual partners even though they may not cover all of the infections likely to be triggered in case of unprotected sex.

Make sure you as well as your partner gets screened regularly for early diagnosis of infections, tumors or warts that may lead to deadly illnesses like HIV or Herpes.