Prosthetics Are Not Only For Amputees

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You might be surprised if a medical practitioner were to suggest you taking your child to someone that deals in prosthetics. Many people have the impression that this field is for amputees only. This is not the case. They really deal with other areas as well. Sometimes developmental issues necessitate the use of splints or a helmet. This can be the case with young children.

If your doctor refers you to a group that does this work, then you might have another surprise waiting for you. You might expect a place like this to be like a doctor’s office. To some degree it is, but this is not necessarily a medical field. The same precautions, knowledge, and manner will possibly be lacking.

The lack of knowledge concerning certain disabilities is actually an area lacking in parts of the medical field as well, but it is not a reason to avoid treatment. If possible, try to work with the individual to whom you are referred to unless there is behavior that you just cannot deal with. When this happens, if at all possible, you can try to be referred elsewhere.

Your child is important to you, so it may be disconcerting to go to a practitioner that does not have a knowledge of your child’s condition. They may also lack the tact that you want. Go there under the impression that they probably will not completely understand, and hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised.

Once you meet the specialist in prosthetics, you will likely have to have some measurements done. Your child will likely be fitted with the piece that he or she will be wearing. It might be difficult at first, trying to get your child used to a piece of equipment. Take it slowly as instructed and even slower if your child has special needs. Be patient, and you should be satisfied with the results.

After your first appointment, you will probably see the difference between a specialist in prosthetics and one that is an actual medical professional. Hopefully, the experience will still be a positive one. As your child’s advocate, you have the right to choose another specialist if you are not satisfied with the one chosen by your doctor. It is not always easy to tell people what you think, but your child deserves this service. Whether the issue is something mild or long-term, you both deserve respect.